About Our Brush

I have been doing body work and paint on cars for 37 years, repairing car damage, making cars look good again. I would always wash the car, and clean the wheel rims which would take a lot of time. I’ve tried all kinds of different brushes to clean the rims, some were better than others, but most brushes would start to curl or flatten and were hard to get into the small tight areas on the rim. About 10 years ago, I used a broom head that had just broken off from the stick. It worked really well, but was hard to hold. I redesigned the handle several times over the years to where it is today. Although my prototype is now old and worn, I still use it because I have been unable to find another brush that will work as well as mine. So I decided to have my brush manufactured so I could have a new brush to use and make it available for everyone. It’s been almost three years and a learning experience, getting a design patent, finding a product design company, sourcing, and all the steps to get the product to market. Now anyone who does not like cleaning their rims because of the time it would take to clean them, can use this brush and make cleaning your wheel rims fast and easy.